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Hinduism also holds the concept of the end of time and a saviour – called the age of Kali. Hindus believe that a saviour will come after the destruction of the world, and that he will take control of the entire world and everyone in it. Every believer and unbeliever will know him and he will be granted whatever he asks from God.

Another text states that in the end there will be a just king who would be the leader and ruler of humans as well as angels. This king will have full control over everything on land, in the oceans, and on mountains. He will have the power to inform them about what is happening in the earth and in the heavens, and none greater than him will ever have been born.

Once again, Hinduism shares a similar picture of a tragic worldly situation that ends with a good and peaceful outcome, led by a great man with special powers.

Awaited Saviour in the scriptures

(1) The Vedas

This book is assumed to an ancient divine book. It is written in this book that “when the evils of the world will reach their zenith, a king will appear in the last times who will be the leader of the entire world. His name shall be Mansoor. He will rule over the entire world and will bring his religion. He will recognise the believers and unbelievers very evidently. Allah will grant him whatever he desires.”

(2) Shakmuni 

Shakmuni is considered as an intellectual in Indian Mythology. He is also believed to be a messenger and a possessor of divine communication. He describes the spiritual leader of humanity thus: “In those days there will be a religion (All worldly authority will terminate in the hands of the son of the leader of the two worlds Jamnad Kishan). The mountains of the east and the west will be under his authority. He will travel on the clouds. The angels will be his servants. Men and Jinn all will submit to him. His rule will spread in the lands of the east and the west and even beyond the oceans. There will be only one divine religion. Divine religion will be enlivened and everyone will believe and have recognition of only one God.

The Vedas which is considered as the divine book of the Hindus record thus: “After the world suffers heavy destruction, a King will appear in the Last Age. He will be called “the Helped One” and will be a Universal Leader. He will rule on the entire world and will collect all people on one religion. He will recognize every person from the believers as well as the disbelievers. He will be the one who actualizes God’s will.

(3) The Upanishads

On page 737 it is mentioned, “He will be the tenth incarnation of Vishnu. He will appear riding on a white horse with a sword gleaming like a shining star. Since he will possess power and authority, he will eradicate all the evils from the face of the earth and a give new life to creation. He will be the cause of Return of the virtuous people.

(4) The Holy book of Jains

When evil, discord and destruction shall reach its peak, at that time a “perfect man” who will be referred to “Tirthankar” meaning “the one who brings good news” will appear among the people. He will root out all forms of destruction and will establish nobility and chastity in every corner of the world.

In the book “Dead” which is a divine book for Hindus, it is written: “In the end of the world, after corruption of the world, a leader will appear who is called Mansoor. He will master all the world, he will know everyone whether a believer or an unbeliever, and whatever he asks, God will offer him”.

In “Basque”; one of holy books of Indians: “The two worlds shall end to a just king in apocalypse who is the leader of angels and mankind, and truth and rightfulness will be with him…and he will gain what is hidden in the seas and lands and sky.” In ‘Shakmoni’, an accredited Hindu book, it has been mentioned that: “Monarchy in this world will end by the son of the best creature, ‘Koshen’. He will rule on the mountains of the east to west and will ride upon the clouds…”

Furthermore, we read in ‘Vashen-Jool’ about the end of the world: “Eventually, the world will turn toward the one whose name is “Auspicious”, he loves God and is of God’s special servants.” We may find texts about The Savior in other Hindu books such as: Dartek Dideh, Patkil and Shaboohergan.